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Whether we are designing your customized menu, assisting you in finding the ideal reception location, or referring you to a florist, our Brooklyn catering service is impeccable. We are dedicated to making your special day perfect, and it will completely be your choice.


  • Fresh, local ingredients
  • All natural and organic
  • Carefully hand selected
  • Sampled for quality and taste


  • Off-Premise Catering
  • Customized Menus
  • Private Chef
  • Food Styling

The Event

  • Event Planning Assistance
  • Private events
  • Weddings
  • Corporate events

Catering to your Dreams...

Chef Mellanee Harvin

Owner, The Fork Goes on the Left

The Fork Goes on the Left is a Brooklyn, New York based off-premise caterer featuring the signature cuisine of Private Chef Mellanee R. Harvin. What we offer you is not only great food, but elegant presentations and impeccable service. We specialize in buffet style service with fresh flowers, lavish garnishes, candles and elegant platters to suit the occasion. While our servers are always uniformly attired and professional in appearance and attitude, it's their attentive courteous service that resonates with clients seeking Cajun catering in Brooklyn and the surrounding area. All food is meticulously handcrafted by Chef Mellanee R. Harvin, and artfully presented. We have successfully combined the flavorful elements of traditional Southern, Caribbean, Cajun and Continental Cuisines which are prepared healthfully, with fresh seasonal vegetables and herbs. Our menus' savory selections are versatile for every taste and budget and are as visually dazzling as they are delicious. We cater intimate dinners for two, elegant buffets, private cocktail parties or lavish weddings with the same quality and attention to detail. For the company of one or to share with many, our private chef and catering services will make your event memorable for years to come.



A collection of the special occasions made possible when clients remember The Fork Goes on the Left.

Felicia and Antaun

You never know where you might meet a bride. Two things a caterer should always have on hand--business cards and a friendly demeanor. Both of which came in handy when Felicia struck up a conversation with me about the contents of my basket while shopping at her place of business. My lucky day, I'm a caterer and she's getting married. Felicia, her Mother and Antaun arrived for a tasting. What struck me most was the closeness of the Mother and daughter bond. Mom took cell phone videos and was thrilled to share this moment with her daughter and her fiancé. I knew this wedding would be a unique and loving occasion. Felicia shared with me later that "most brides don't get to eat, dance and enjoy their own wedding. Not me, I did all the above and had a ball!"

Their Wedding Menu

Teresa & Diallo

Teresa and Diallo's story is truly a love story. They were high school sweethearts whose love grew into maturity. It was Diallo who took charge as my initial contact and got the ball rolling on their wedding details; while Teresa focused on the design elements. These details were very specific since they wanted the food to reflect their Jamaican and Trinidadian cultures. Let's just say the pholourie was well received, judging from the empty platters. Their wedding had all of the special touches that reflect their personalities making the evening a unique and whimsical celebration.

Their Wedding Menu

Meisha & David

I love when the groom is my initial contact for the catering details. He takes the reign and allows his bride to focus on the finer details, herself. Meisha and David added a personal touch at the reception by naming their signature drinks after key elements in their respective upbringing: " The Festival at the Lake" for the bride and the groom's "The Dollar Cab". Their personalization again was displayed in the groom's blackcake; which was shaped in the island of Trinidad. They not only celebrated their love for each other but paid homage to their cultures.

Their Wedding Menu

Esi & Peter

Well, Esi and Peter's wedding was a labor of love. I fell for the couple when I viewed photos of their culturally enriched engagement celebration in their native land of Uganda. It was my honor to cater their American wedding as they included thoughtful elements of their Ugandan roots as evident in the array of colorful baskets which were beautifully incorporated into their tablescape by their florist. It was a memorable evening of cultural pride, great food and partying until dawn.

Their Wedding Menu

Toni & Reggie

I really love to see a couple enjoy each other's company. It was so refreshing to hear the roar of Reggie's laughter from the kitchen where I prepared their tasting. Their vision included a relaxed and classic wedding utilizing the warmth and elegance of The Inn at Noble Lane. Their guests we're able to experience the entire grounds which flowed from the heartfelt outdoor ceremony, progressing to the cocktail reception in the grand foyer and dinner in the upstairs ballroom. The evening culminated with a dessert bar in the tea room and s'mores on the cobblestones patio. It was evident their marriage would be one of great friendship, mutual respect and a whole lot of fun.

Their Wedding Menu

Sharlene & Tim introductory meeting with Tim, Sharlene and her parents began rather dramatically with Mom-in-law sitting out the tasting in the car. Can anyone relate to the push & pull between tradition and having a modern twist on your wedding day? I had to lure Mom in with the promise of great food; albeit not traditional to her Dominican heritage. No small feat, but in the end I won her over the old fashioned way. You see, at the end of the reception Mom gave me a big hug, along with "congratulations, the food was so good, everyone is happy, thank you!"

Robert Burnett Photography ; Venue: The Dumbo Loft, Brooklyn, NY

Their Wedding Menu


Find out everything you need to know about our service offerings.

Do you have insurance?

  • Yes, I have general liability insurance. I can provide your venue with a Certification of Insurance upon request.

Do you have rental equipment?

  • I have my own platters & serving utensils which are included in my price. Any other supplies or equipment (chairs, linen, cutlery, plates, etc) I can rent through my preferred company at an additional cost.

Do I have to use your suggested rental company?

  • Feel free to use a rental company of your choice. However, I need to collaborate with you on items needed for a successful event.

Do you provide wait staff & bartenders?

  • Yes, I have a staff of professional servers and licensed bartenders for an additional cost.

Does your staff set up and breakdown?

  • Yes, my staff will set up; as well as dress the tables with appropriate linen, silverware, glasses, etc. The breakdown will include removing all rentals and placing them in the appropriate areas for rental pickup.

How far do you travel?

  • Presently, I'm committed to the Tri-State area: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. However, feel free to ask, you never know.

Are you a strictly a wedding caterer?

  • I will do any event where food is served--Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Christenings, Communions, Naming Ceremonies, Sweet 16, Dinner Parties, etc. I can go on, but you get my gist.

Do you charge a cake cutting fee?

  • Well, I debated this practice for a moment and decided not to charge a fee to cut cake.

Do you have tastings?

  • Absolutely, primarily for weddings. It gives me an opportunity to meet my bride & groom and tantalize their taste buds.

What's the difference in pricing for--formal sit-down, buffet, family style and cocktail reception?

  • Since every reception is so different; I will answer this very broadly. Your price per person could be the same depending on menu selections. However, you will incur price fluctuations with your rentals and staffing needs for each type of service. For example, a formal dinner would require more waitstaff than a buffet.

What are the next steps?

  • Call me! I will prepare a proposal based on your needs, vision and budget.
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"I felt confident in relying on The Fork Goes on the Left for catering our wedding reception... We had no worries."

Djanna Hill-Brisbane Associate Professor College of Education, William Paterson University

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