About Us

The Fork Goes on the Left is a Brooklyn, New York-based off-premise caterer featuring the signature cuisine of Private Chef, Mellanee R. Harvin. We have successfully combined the flavorful elements of Southern, Caribbean, Cajun, and Continental Cuisines to create an eclectic array of dishes. What we offer you is not only great food but elegant presentations and impeccable service. We specialize in providing a customized dining experience for you and your guests. It is our servers’ attentive and courteous service that resonates with our clients. For intimate celebrations or to share with many, our private chef and catering services will ensure a memorable event.

Hey Y’all

I’m Mellanee! 

Thank you so much for stopping by.  I’m so grateful for this culinary journey; as it affords me the opportunity to meet folks like you.  You see, I gain tremendous joy and satisfaction from creating a dining experience that’s unique to your vision and tastes.  It makes me happy…okay, yes, I believe it’s my purpose.  My purpose to create healthfully prepared and visually appealing food—delicious is a given.  So…take your time and look around.  Give me a call…I look forward to nourishing you.

Bon Appétit