How The Fork Goes on the Left Handles Covid Weddings


My safety measures are based on the CDC & Food Handling Guidelines: washing hands for 20 seconds, sanitizer, temperature check, glove-wearing & social distancing.


My tastings are either packaged to go (for pickup or delivery) or dining al fresco in my garden area.  My clients are required to wear masks and get temperature checks, if dining al fresco.


I will be serving hors d’oeuvres pre-packaged in “bento boxes” or individually pre-plated for guests of 50 or less. For Larger events, I will serve hd’s in individual mini containers/bowls to be presented on stations for each guest to pickup themselves, thereby preventing possible exposure to Covid-19.


Drinks will served by a gloved & masked bartender(s) for guests of 50 or less.  Larger events, will receive bottled water, cans of soft drinks, mini bottles of prosecco, champagne & to go cups of mixed drinks; in order to social distance & control crowds. 


Plated dinners, family style and buffet service; in that order.  Plated being safer because it’s served directly to each guest from the kitchen.  Family style is comfortable for the guests sitting together assuming its a family/friends who know each other and are Covid-Free or quarantined together, since they will be sharing serving utensils.    Self Serve buffets is the last choice since it can include sharing of serving utensils and social distancing may not be achievable based on venue size & accommodations.  Providing a variety of stations (possibly with a server) with mini food items would solve the social distancing issue. 


I am serving the same food; using different methods – focusing on individual serving portions.  For example, a progressive dinner brunch– bento passed hors ‘doeuvres, salad course-mini bowl, 1st entree-mini bowl, 2nd entree-small plate, dessert- mini plate.  

TRUST your Caterer on the logistics

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